DirectX Demo


Alex Mole

Platform: PC / DirectX 8.1
Date: January 2003

This was a coursework for an introductory course in DirectX.

It loads a world from a Quake .map file, calculates light maps and loads various types of objects (eg. meshes), as specified in the file.

It demonstrates numerous DirectX techniques, including bump mapping, multitexturing and 3D audio.

Please note that DirectX version 8.1 or better must be installed for this to run.

It was written using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0

Mouse: Turn
Arrow Keys: Turn
W: Move forward
S: Move backwards
A: Strafe left
D: Strafe right
Escape: Quit
Source Code:

I have included the source for this demo in

The demo compiles under Microsoft Visual C 6.0.

This demo uses both the Microsoft DirectX demo framework supplied with their SDK and a small amount of framework code written by one of my lecturers.