Terrain Demo


Alex Mole

Platform: PC / OpenGL
Date: January 2003

This was a project to demonstrate procedural generation and rendering of some terrain.

The terrain can be generated using a number of different algorithms: faulting, mass accretion, white noise and midpoint displacement.

In addition to the terrain, the trees are also procedurally generated, using an algorithm which reads its parameters from data files. There are several different types of tree on the landscape (though they are all lacking in leaves).

The skybox texture is MalRav3 by Raven, obtained from The Wadfather.

Please note that OpenGL must be installed (and must support multitexturing extensions) for this demo to run.

This was written using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 and gcc 3.04

Mouse: Rotate the world / move the camera in exploration mode
a: Toggle auto-generation mode (on by default)
e: Toggle exploration mode
n: Add white noise to the terrain
b: Add a "bump" to the terrain (mass accretion)
f: Add a fault to the terrain
s: Smooth the terrain
m: Generate a terrain using midpoint displacement
Shift+F: Raise the water level (Flood)
Shift+D: Lower the water level (Drain)
Escape: Quit