Alex Mole

Platform: PlayStation Net Yaroze
Date: December 2002

This is a simple 3D platform game for the PlayStation.

The objective is to collect as many of the purple pickups as possible, whilst staying on the world until the end of the level.

It was written using MetroWerks CodeWarrior 3.2 and gcc 2.95

Source Code:

I have included the source for this demo in

The demo compiles under either MetroWerks CodeWarrior or using GNU make/gcc 2.95 (with the Sony PS1 extensions).

To aid in the construction of PlayStation demos, I have built up a library of useful functions (libpsx) over the years. The source code to this library is also included. This library is written in a combination of C and assembler, and compiles in CodeWarrior and gcc. The scope of this library is quite extensive; it provides support for file handling and collision detection, as well as low-level maths functions which make use of the PlayStation's maths coprocessor (the GTE). Because of the size of this library, I have used doxygen style comments thoughout the code and I have included the automatically generated help file with the source.